Install Instructions

  1. Pgyer, as a domestic distribution platform, is working for the third-party applications to provide application testing hosting, application crash detection and other services. Application content are all from third-party products, Pgyer only to provide users with internal testing support, does not involve any manual editing and finishing, or does not participate in any content development or external operation of the application, does not take responsibility for any content from third parties (including but not limited to installation package security, information description, application screenshots), you should choose carefully to test the application according to the description of the scene.
  2. Pgyer can only do a preliminary formal review of these applications and cannot analyze the consequences and risks of each application in detail. Please check the quality of applications carefully and do not install applications from unreliable sources because of spam, emails, text descriptions, etc. Please make your own judgment and install trusted applications based on the source of the application install link.Pgyer is not responsible for the rules, policies, or specific content of applications published through PGYER or links to other sites displayed on PGYER.
  3. In the process of installing or using applications through Pgyer, Pgyer will not ask you to provide any personal information, but we cannot control and cannot guarantee that application developers will not ask you to provide personal information. Regardless of the provisions of national laws and regulations, application developers should collect and use your personal information in accordance with the principles of lawfulness, legitimacy and necessity, disclose the collection rules, make clear to you the purpose, manner and scope of collection and use of information, and must obtain your consent. Application developers shall not collect personal information that is not related to the services they provide, and shall not collect or use your personal information in violation of the laws and regulations or the agreement with you. If you are asked to provide personal information in the process of installing or using an application through PGYER, please consider carefully and make your own decision whether to provide or not.
  4. Any company, product or individual who believes that Pgyer is suspected of infringing your copyright or application rights, you should promptly provide us with a reporting statement, a written notice of rights, and complaint materials such as proof of identity, proof of ownership and infringement. We will deal with it according to the law.
  5. he services of Pgyer are provided in accordance with the current state of technology and conditions. However, Pgyer cannot guarantee that the services it provides are free from defects and cannot at any time anticipate and prevent legal, technical and other risks, including but not limited to force majeure, viruses, Trojan horses, hacker attacks, system instability, third-party service defects, governmental actions, etc., which may lead to service interruption, data loss and other losses and risks. Even if there are defects in the services provided by PGYER, but the above-mentioned defects are unavoidable due to the technical level of the industry at that time, they will not be considered as a breach of contract by PGYER, and you agree to waive the responsibility of pursuing PGYER for any loss of data or information caused to you as a result.
  6. The Pgyer platform is exposed to content and information from a wide variety of sources, and we cannot be responsible for the accuracy, authenticity, availability, security, completeness, and legitimacy of such content and information. Pgyer does not endorse, recommend or express opinions on any content and information uploaded, posted or transmitted by users on our platform, nor does Pgyer assume any responsibility for errors, defects and any loss or damage arising from any content and information, and any use of the content and information is at your own risk. Our platform assumes responsibility where expressly provided for by law.